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For years it has been my dream to start a boutique for struggling women, using clothes as a tool for boosting self-esteem and self-worth. A few months ago, my dream came true. Uncommon Threads was born.

It all happened gradually, then quickly. For years, I’ve collected clothing donations to give to my social work clients who are low-income, single moms. It started with a few racks, then the clothes literally took over my office. Before I knew it, the word had spread and  social service agencies started contacting me when their clients were in need of clothes. It became clear I needed to start a nonprofit. Continue Reading

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Animal print is on-trend this season, but did it really ever go out of style? A fabulous animal print dress can be “almost” as versatile as a little black dress. The neutral colors create a “canvas” that works with just about any pop of color.

Here are other style dresses I like HERE  HERE and HERE (all under $100 too!).

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