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I’ve been chased out of two stores—on two different continents—by store owners, wielding meat cleavers. The first time was in San Francisco’s Chinatown when the owner nodded at my camera and screamed, “Not in store! Not in store!” then proceeded to run out from behind the counter and chase me down Stockton Street.

From what I could surmise, I’d insulted the dignity of a row of headless ducks in the window.

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Nick Dawes at the Lalique factory in France
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1010ParkPlace’s Nick Dawes; Vice President, Special Collections at Heritage Auctions in New York; expert appraiser since season one on PBS’s Antiques Roadshow and expert on Lalique, art glass and decorative arts, is conducting a “Glassworks and La Belle Époque” tour to Paris, October 5-11, 2016, in association with Gayle Tilles and Connoisseur Arts.

I love Nick’s modesty… What he won’t tell you is that he’s the world’s foremost authority on… “

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