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— Relationships —

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Everyday I tell Annie she’s the most loved little dog in the world, and I would do anything to keep her well and safe, and as it turns out… That includes canceling two-weeks in England. Today I should be in the English countryside, strolling Prince Charles’s garden, visiting a large antique fair and the private estate of the producer of Cats, Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera, not to mention spending five days in London, catching up with friends. 

But three hours before my plane left, I decided Annie needed me more than I needed to visit England.

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— Style —

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While this isn’t a typical 1010ParkPlace Fashion Friday post I think you’ll be interested in what the original supermodel and the oh, so fashionable, Kim Alexis, is up to these days. Kim is one of my favorite people. She’s so real and down-to-earth and has a giant capacity for love whether it’s people or animals. Kim wrote this post for 1010ParkPlace. Thank you, Kim. xoxox, Brenda

“Wow, there are so many dogs,” was one of the many thoughts going through my head as I walked through my first “dog pound” visit.

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