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Somewhere I read we look seven years younger when we view ourselves in our own mirror. I think that’s true. The mirrors and the lighting in my bathroom make me believe I’m holding my own. Then I see my reflection in a store window, and I’m shocked to see my mother staring back at me. Mind you, I’m not bothered enough to have Botox, fillers or surgery, but aging is hard. 

And don’t tell me there are more important things to think about, because I think about them as well.

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Darlings, did you watch the Oscar’s this year? I never miss, but I must tell you… I only watch it for the fashion. Those swoon worthy dresses! While I don’t have any red carpet events right now, there will be wedding invitations, galas and garden parties in the coming months. Of course with every invitation comes the anxiety about what to wear.

I think it’s high time we took a new approach to dressing up.

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