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Remember Rene Russo’s Italian Riviera colored smoothie in the Thomas Crown Affair? The enticing blue-green concoction that made many of us decide—then and there—that we wanted whatever she’s having? While I began drinking green smoothies, I must have used the wrong recipe.

Instead of having a man on my arm like Pierce Brosnan, I wound up with kidney stones.

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Darlings, 1010 Park Place has been home to me for a year now! I’m so honored and grateful to the lovely Brenda Coffee for allowing this old girl to put pen to paper and express my thoughts on style and trends. As a little “thank you” to Brenda, I thought it would be fun to channel one of her favorite style icons, Rene Russo’s character, Catherine Banning, from the movie The Thomas Crown Affair.

Enough can’t be said about style icons. Goodness knows, I have several in my fashion bag of tricks. Whether it’s a fabulous movie character or a real live fashionista, a style icon can be a springboard of inspiration just when you need it.

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