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Welcome to the inaugural meeting of the 1010 Park Place book club. We will be discussing some fabulous books that remind us to Make Life Count. Our first pick is Holly Robinson’s Folly Cove, a novel about three very different sisters and their formidable mother as they each face a season of change.

I was able to catch up with the author and ask her some questions about this beautiful book. Continue Reading

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Recently a friend told me that she was having an affair. Not long after that, another friend, after a few too many glasses of wine, told me she was living in an emotional and financial house of cards, just waiting for her life to implode. Over and above the immediate concern I had, for my friends, was the feeling of discord and awkwardness that permeated my psyche. I felt like I was privy to too much information and could no longer be objectively neutral in their presence. The problem was (is,) I am equally attached to both friends AND their spouses, and feel vested in the happiness and success of both parties. How do you have a meaningful, or even a superficial conversation with someone when you know a deep secret about them? Continue Reading

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Supermodel, Kim Alexis.  
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I’m excited! Wednesday, April 13th, 1010ParkPlace is taking a giant leap forward. While we’re still focused on women over 45, we’re adding some compelling new writers; women who’re focused on making life count. 1010ParkPlace still believes #StyleIsAgeless, but since making life count is what most of us are thinking about at this stage of our lives, we’ve decided #MakingLifeCount should be our new tagline.

Together with you—our readers—1010ParkPlace is spearheading a women’s movement. You may be thinking, “Wasn’t there already a women’s movement?”

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