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If you’ve been reading my posts you know I often base my recommendations on the basis of how I earn a living. If I see a pattern which results in injury, I try to recommend ways to prevent them.

Frankly I should be promoting sports, boot camps and extreme strength training programs. They’ve created a huge business for surgeons. They provide patients ripe for the picking! I should promote the decorating of houses for Christmas, because ladder injuries deliver a sweet financial boost just before year end.

What about the number one New Year’s Resolution? How could there be any harm there?

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That’s right! It’s pretty much what I tell most of my patients. “What makes your orthopedic surgeon money, is probably something you shouldn’t be doing.” Go ahead. Try to name an orthopedic condition–other than inheritable diseases or bad luck–that isn’t related to something we do to ourselves. Something preventable.

Sports medicine injuries… Completely preventable. Don’t participate in sports, and you probably won’t tear your ACL. I know there are a few exceptions. Bear with me here… Continue Reading


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