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Do you remember the television commercial, “Cotton… The fabric of our lives?” Sometimes I think the real thread running through our lives is stress. Just when we think we’ve mastered one stressful part of our lives, we slide seamlessly into another. In this chapter of my life I’m learning to be Alpha dog to two puppies and to surrender my need for a clean house. At the moment the courtyard and the outside of three sets of French doors look like Jackson Pollock paintings done in mud.

Perhaps I should tape canvas to the doors and see if I can get a gallery showing for the girls and their “work.”

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I did it. I chased my lion. My two friends and I just returned from a trip to Uganda where we led women’s conferences in two remote communities. Instead of being confronted with a giant, I found a lamb, in an impoverished country filled with women who have so little, but who are rich in spirit.

My life will never be the same.

The women of northern Uganda possess inner strength and faith unlike any other women I know. Many were raped and beaten during the war, and many lost their husbands to Kony’s horrific murders, HIV or malaria. Many never had husbands, but were left behind by men who refused to commit to a pregnant partner. Continue Reading


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