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I want to join in the chorus of my 1010 Park Place colleagues who are ranting about self-absorbed people who feel entitled to live an easy life. Kim Alexis wrote a fabulous piece about the narcissistic society that has been created by people who are constantly promoting themselves rather than serving. Esther Zimmer brilliantly pointed out that creating a life you love does not equal a life of ease. Now, it’s my turn. Continue Reading

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A self-discovery journey to find your purpose
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You, and everyone else talk of finding one’s purpose?  How the heck do you do that?  I would love a hint on how to take that first, second, third step to finding my purpose.  I am at a loss where to begin…..

What an excellent question from 1010 Park Place reader, Holly!

She is right…”purpose” seems to be a hot topic now, probably because there are so many of us living without it. In a world filled with possession-driven success and superficial relationships, we are searching for greater meaning and depth in everything we do. Continue Reading

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I am so honored to be joining Brenda in her vision for 1010 Park Place. Like Brenda, I have a passion for helping women become stronger and more vibrant, with a new definition of what is truly important in life. As we age, with wisdom and grace, we want more than a great pair of jeans or a new skin care regime. Instead, we find freedom in not really caring what others think of us as we become more accepting of who we are. We want to make a difference in the lives of others, creating a lasting legacy that goes beyond material possessions.

We want to leave the world a better place because we planted seeds of joy, blessings, character, generosity and compassion along the way.

Continue Reading


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