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While shopping for antique and vintage pieces, I’m always surprised at the devaluation of anything with a monogram. Whether it’s an engraved piece of silver or an embroidered set of pillowcases, buyers often turn a cold shoulder towards items personalized for someone unknown and long dead. I feel differently about monograms. It’s a lost art, like letters written by quill. Just because an old letter is not addressed to you doesn’t mean it’s without value. Continue Reading

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The author shopping the Paris flea market
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So who likes old things, please raise your hand. Me too!

A few years ago, I decided to open a shop selling antique and vintage objects and art. My shop would be online only, and in order to stand out from the crowd, I would curate my old treasures into stylish little vignettes that a person could plop into their home for an instant look.

It’s been really fun for one main reason, which you already know. Old things come with the juiciest stories attached to them. Continue Reading

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This week we’re adding more great writers to 1010ParkPlace, and one of them is my old friend, Nick Dawes, Vice President at Heritage Auctions in New York and former Sotheby’s Vice President and Auctioneer. Many of you will recognize Nick as a regular, expert appraiser for the last 20 years on PBS’s Antiques Roadshow. As much as his busy schedule will allow, Nick is going to offer us suggestions about the best ways to downsize and get rid of some of our treasured possessions.

I’m also hoping Nick will write about collecting antiques and some of the fabulous pieces that have passed through his hands.

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