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Val Haller

Val Haller is Founder/CEO of the music website, the first music site specifically created to help busy adults keep up with new music.

She’s a member of 2112 music startup incubator at Fort Knox Studios, Chicago; writes the music column for Make It Better magazine; authored a weekly “Music Match” series for the New York Times; is a regular guest on the morning TV show “You & Me This Morning” on WCIU; launched an indie concert series at Chicago Botanic Garden; writes a personal music blog on her site and hosts a long-running, professional house concert series in her Chicago home that has expanded to private country clubs, ad agency gigs and other corporate events.

Val’s been vetted by Oprah, Katie Couric, WGN, FOX, Chicago Sun-Times, WNYC public radio, NYT, NS Magazine and music industry moguls Bob Lefsetz, Norm Winer of WXRT, Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour and more.

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