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Hi Girlfriends,
I started 1010ParkPlace™ for the best-educated, most powerful women in history: women over 50. Here you can find like-minded women and relevant conversations about finances, fashion, music and food; interviews with inspiring women and straight-talk about health, divorce, death of a spouse, sex and bold conversations to reawaken your passions and make life count.

On Voices, I’ve gathered some of the best, 50+ writers I know, women whose stories will resonate with you. Mine is one of them. Brenda’s Blog has a 50% click thru rate, which is rare. I’m transparent, sassy and no topic’s off limits.

If you’re interested in me as a speaker at your conference or event, or if you’re a brand who wants to collaborate with  1010ParkPlace™ to reach the wealthiest demographic in history, please email me.

Tell your girlfriends, sisters and coworkers about 1010ParkPlace.™ We have lots of exciting things planned for 2018! #WhereStyleIsAgeless #MakeLifeCount

Brenda Coffee

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