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Hi Girlfriends,
I started 1010ParkPlace™ for the best-educated, most powerful women in history: women over 45. 1010ParkPlace is where you can find like-minded women and relevant conversations about everything from finances to fashion; music and food; interviews with inspiring women and straight-talk about health, divorce, death of a spouse, sex and bold conversations to reawaken your passions and make life count


Founder and CEO Brenda Coffee

On Voices, I’ve gathered some of the best, 45+ writers I know, women whose voices and stories will resonate with you. Mine is one of them. On Brenda’s Blog, you can count on me to write about anything. I’m transparent, notoriously sassy and no topic’s off limits.

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We have lots of exciting things planned for 2016. Tell your girlfriends, sisters and coworkers about 1010ParkPlace. #WhereStyleIsAgeless #MakeLifeCount

Brenda Coffee